Red Pandemic The Global Marxist Cult

This page is dedicated to a book on the extremely critical, global issue of Marxism and Marxist indoctrination. This work is entitled Red Pandemic: The Global Marxist Cult. The culmination of several years of research, it is a gift to anyone in the world who values truth, sanity, justice, and freedom from “globalist” tyranny.

A massive portion of the world’s population is directly affected by this toxic ideology, yet many are unable to even acknowledge it let alone comprehend it fully. This book is designed to resolve this issue.

From the back cover of Red Pandemic:

The critical issue in the world today is Marxism and Marxist indoctrination. This toxic ideology and its adherents are primarily responsible for the highly volatile and fragmented global situation at present, particularly in western countries.

This ‘revolutionary’ ideology is the origin and enabler of many destructive issues affecting western civilisation including: mass immigration, the climate change movement, radical ‘sex education’, falling birthrates and abortion, the assault on Christianity, the destruction of the traditional family unit, the erosion of indigenous culture, the suppression of free speech, racial conflict, the ‘mental health’ crises, the breakdown of law and order, the spectre of totalitarian world government, and the incremental creep towards another global conflict.

The indoctrination fuelling this cult movement is so toxic, potent, and well-entrenched in the minds of the affected, that this constitutes a global pandemic of insane, fanatical, co-ordinated, civilisation-destroying behaviour.

This often mis-labelled and little understood ideology has managed to stay somewhat hidden from public discourse, until now.

If there is one book to cut straight to the core of all the upheaval in the world right now, and what we must do stop it, this is it“.

The symbols on the book’s front cover represent the myriad of global issues supported or enabled by this ideology, and are dissected within the book’s pages. In addition to what is listed above, they include: trans ideology, feminism, Black Lives Matter and ‘anti-racism’, and veganism. Essentially, any manifestation of crazy revolutionary activism in the modern age.

Written in an accessible, easy-to-read style, the book guides readers from novice to mastery on this critical subject.

Red Pandemic is available worldwide in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Spanning 640 pages, the book features hundreds of integrated footnotes and references, along with a comprehensive index of terms.

You can purchase Red Pandemic directly from the publisher’s website Omnia Veritas, and from several online vendors including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AbeBooks, Books A Million, Powell’s Books, Alibris, and

At present there is no audiobook or kindle version.